Duration: 40 hrs
 Basics of programming (Java knowledge will be added advantage)
 Basics of SQL
Take Aways:
 Create and modify objects using the declarative interface
 Write business logic customizations using Apex triggers and classes. Those customizations will
use SOQL and DML
 Design programmatic solutions that take advantage of declarative customizations
 Describe how your trigger code works within the basics of the Save Order of Execution
 Describe some of the fundamental aspects of designing programs on a multi-tenant platform
 Write Visualforce markup and code to customize the user interface
 Use the built-in testing framework to test Apex and Visualforce
Course Contents:
 Objects and Fields
 Work Effectively with Custom Objects and Fields
 Programming with Apex
 Use SOQL to Query Your Org’s Data
 Use SOQL to Query Parent-Child Relationships
 DML Essentials
 Trigger Essentials
 Classes
 The Save Order of Execution and Apex Transactions
 Testing Essentials
 Testing Strategies
 Strategies for Designing Efficient Apex Solutions
 Trigger Design Strategies
 Creating Visualforce Pages
 Exploring the View and Controller Layers of Visualforce
 Working with Custom Controllers
 Controller Extensions
 Working with List Controllers and SOSL
 Queries
 Visualforce Development Considerations
 Testing Visualforce Controllers