Course Content

  • Introduction (History, CAD/CAM/CAE, Comparison with other software), GUI (Title Bar, Toolbars, Workspace, Workbench, Specification Tree, Compass, Command Space), Required Settings/Preferences
  • Sketcher Interface, Sketch Tool, Profile Toolbar (Profile, Rectangle, Circle, Arc, Spline, Conic shapes, line, axis, Point), Constraint Toolbar(Constraint Dialogue Box, Constraints, Fix Together, Auto Constraint, Edit Multiconstraint)
  • Operation (Corner, Chamfer, Trim, Transformation Features, Project 3D Elements), Sketch Analysis
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Part Modeling, Introduction of 3D Environment, Sketch Based Feature-Pad (as Solid, Thick, Multipad), Pocket (material removal, Thick)
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Shaft (Thick & Material Addition), Groove (Thick & Material Removal), Hole (Extension, Type, Thread Definition)
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Rib, Slot, Solid Combine, Stiffener, Multisection Solid (Guide, Spline, Coupling, Relimitation), Removed Multisection Solid (Guide, Spline, Coupling, Relimitation)
  • Dress up features-Fillet (Edge, Variable, Chodral, Face to Face, Tritangent), Chamfer (Length*Angle & Length*Length)
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Draft (Constant, Variable), Shell, Thickness, Thread/Tap, Remove Surface, Replace Surface
  • Reference Elements (Plane, Line, Point), Duplicating Features (Translation, Rotation, Symmetry, Axis To Axis, Mirror, Pattern, Scaling)
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Boolean Operations (Assemble, Add, Remove, Intersect, Union Trim, Removing Lump), Power copy, Formula, Design Table
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Bottom Up Assembly, Explain Degree of Freedom, Importing A Part, Replace component, Graph Tree Reordering, Generate numbering, Fast Multiinstantiation, Define Multiinstantiation
  • Move Toolbar (Manipulation, Snap, Explode View, clash), Create Scene, Assembly Constraints (Coincidence, Contact, Offset, Angular, fix, Fix Together, Quick constraint, Flexible/Rigid Assembly, Replace Constraint, Reuse pattern
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Introduction of drafting interface, Generative Drafting (Setting the drawing sheet, Inserting an image, view generation, secondary views, modifying views, generative dimensions & balloon generations
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Interactive Drafting (View Planes, Creating Multiple View Projection, Creating View Using Folding Lines, 2D Components, Creating Dimensions, Annotations)
  • Real Time Rendering (Overview, Materials, Creating camera, Defining light source, Environment)
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Generative Surface Design, Hybrid & Nonhybrid Design, Geometrical & Ordered geometrical Set, Wire frame Toolbar (Projection, Combine , Reflectline, Intersection, Parallel Curve, Circle, Corner, Connect Curve, Conic, Spline, Helix, Spiral
  • View manager (Cross Section, Exploded View & Simplified Representation)
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Surfaces Toolbar (Extrude, Revolve, Sphere, Cylinder, Offset, Fill, Multisection, Blend)
  • Sweep (Explicit, Line , Circle , Conic), Adaptive Sweep
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Operations (Joint, Healing, Curve Smooth, Untrim, Disassemble), Split, Trim
  • Boundary, Extract, Multiple Extract, Fillet, Duplicating Features, Extrapolate
  • Exercise From Workbook
  • Sheet metal Interface , Sheet metal Parameters, Walls Recognition, Wall, Wall on Edge, extrusion, Automatic Bends, Flange, Fold/Unfold, Cutout, Point Stamp, Rectangular Pattern, Corner Relief, Corner, Fold/Unfold Points or Curves, Save as DXF
  • Doubt Clarification

Course Duration

90 Hrs.


4Dimensions Infotech Certification


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