MB cap bolt tightening: MB cap is bolted to engine block, confirmation of bolting torque is important. This involves Ball screw, servomotor, Nut runner and it is fully automatic. Cylinder head bolt tightening: To assemble cylinder head to engine block, the specific bolting sequence and torque confirmation is required. This is semiautomatic system. Engine Rotation unit: For assembly of cylinder block, oil sump, MB cap, damper pulley, piston insertion, it is required to rotate the engine, so that operator can assemble the parts properly. System is with Vertical lilting and rotation arrangement. Piston circlipposition checking fixture: To ensure circlipis positioned properly, also to ensure weather circlip presence. Semiautomatic system make use of LVDT for checking. Connecting rod cracking system: To insert bearing shell in Con rod. Pneumatic cylinder is used for cracking purpose.